Why people think the iPhone is more flamboyant than Samsung

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Since smartphones’ prevalence increased in Zimbabwe, the iPhone has emerged as a top phone which represents class, status, and that swagger vibe. In this article, I lay out the reasons why people in Zimbabwe and around the world think that the iPhone is a classy phone than Samsung or any other Android phones.

1. The Media

Many people in Zimbabwe watch western movies and your guess is good as mine, the western media has infiltrated people’s mind into thinking that the iPhone is better than Samsung. In almost all movies, actors from Hollywood use iPhones and not Android so people usually tend to imitate their icons. If you see Adam Sandler or Michael B Jordan using an iPhone in a movie, you are more likely to be inclined to that same phone. The iPhone is 10 times more popular in the U.S so the U.S media also sells that notion to the rest of the world through movies. If you have seen a western movie where people use Samsung, please hit the comments section and enlighten us.

2. iPhones are recognizable than Samsung phones

It’s almost inarguable that the iPhone brand is the best in the world in the smartphone market. The moment you see that bitten apple on the back and the curved corners with a slick finish, you know that it’s an iPhone. Samsung however is not that easy to recognize and some people even confuse it with local brands like G-tel. There is no normal person who can confuse an iPhone with any other phone. It is what it is. The feeling of having that well-branded phone is just good. That’s why people say in the Shona language ‘Muchero wakadziya’ meaning ‘The Apple iPhone is good’.

3. Apple only makes high quality devices

Apple is famous for creating top quality devices which are durable. Have you ever seen that iPhone which has a cracked screen but the touch will be working just fine? That’s because Apple emphasizes more on quality assurance more than any other smartphone producers. Apple also focuses on the high-end of the market whilst Samsung focuses mainly on the lower-range to mid-range market. Whilst Samsung caters for everyone’s needs, the iPhone represents an elite status since its smartphones are very expensive as compared to others. Acquiring an iPhone will therefore spark a sense of wealth and elite status.

4. Security

In terms of security, it’s pretty obvious that the iPhone comes in handy. It comes with a variety of security features such as the iCloud Keychain and once it is stolen or lost, a user can report to Apple and the phone will be locked. For people who want to secure their personal information, they will almost always choose the iPhone. Samsung however does not have some of these security features on its low-range and mid-range phones.

5. People do not compare all features

One of the main reasons why people are more inclined to the iPhone is that they don’t compare all features, they just single out a few features and then make a decision. Samsung fans argue that iPhones are not better than Samsung and other high-end Android phones when it comes to overall specifications. That’s usually pretty true. When people are considering buying a smartphone they usually consider some factors such as network connectivity, camera, and the degree of user-friendliness.

Summing up

The above are some of the reasons why people like the iPhone even though its functionality is limited in an environment like Zimbabwe, where data costs are high and network connectivity is a pebble in the shoe. Most people who brag about owning an iPhone in Zimbabwe are enjoying a modicum of its functionality and its premium features.

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