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Confessions: DJ Tira and Qwabe Twins open up on their relationship after Reed Dance Drama

Johannesburg, South Africa — Following the Reed Dance ceremony, renowned music producer DJ Tira and the talented Qwabe Twins, Viggy and Virginia, addressed rumors surrounding their relationship.
The twins made headlines after revealing their virginity at the age of 21, sparking controversy due to their participation in the traditional ceremony.
Social media buzzed with speculation when images of the twins and DJ Tira surfaced, leading to allegations of a romantic involvement. Both parties have firmly denied these claims. DJ Tira expressed, “One can’t conform to the hurtful things said on social media. Focus on living your life in a way that’s best for you.”
The Qwabe Twins shared their hurt over the accusations in an interview with Isolezwe, stating, “Nothing hurt us more than the rumors of sleeping with DJ Tira and being pregnant. We couldn’t oppose people as it was their opinion.”
Despite the rumors, the Qwabe Twins continue to make strides in the entertainment industry. After leaving Idols SA, they signed with DJ Tira and rapidly gained prominence. Their hit song “Hamba” solidified their rising star status and earned admiration from fans nationwide.
As DJ Tira and the Qwabe Twins clarify their relationship and concentrate on their careers, Mzansi remains captivated by their talent and perseverance amidst challenges. Their journey demonstrates determination and passion for their craft, gaining support from fans across South Africa.

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