e.tv Steps In to Assist Actors with SARS PAYE Issues, Ensuring Continuity of Their Roles  

Johannesburg, May 28, 2024 In a remarkable act of support, e.tv has stepped in to assist three actors facing issues with the South African Revenue Service (SARS) over Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) discrepancies. Chuma from “Isitha-The Enemy,” Nonka from “Uzalo,” and Thenjiwe, also from “Isitha-The Enemy,” were at risk of losing their roles due to unresolved tax matters. To prevent this, e.tv paid a total of 75,000 ZAR on their behalf. The actors are set to reimburse the broadcaster as per the agreement.

Despite this intervention, fans are concerned about the situation of Virginia, another beloved actor. SARS has stated that her case is still under investigation, and thus, e.tv cannot make any payments on her behalf until the underlying issues are clarified. This raises questions about her ability to continue working after May.

Adding to the complexity, another list of actors facing similar issues is emerging. This list includes Nolitha, Nephisa Mkhabela, and Sokalezwe from “House of Zwide.” Each case varies in its specifics, with Mampho’s case requiring special attention due to suspected internal foul play at SARS. Despite her compliance with PAYE regulations, it appears that her payments were misdirected, prompting a thorough investigation expected to take at least three months.

The swift action by e.tv highlights the broadcaster’s commitment to its talent, ensuring that these actors can continue their work without disruption. However, the ongoing investigations and the emergence of new cases indicate that this issue is far from resolved.

As the situation develops, it remains to be seen how many more actors will be affected and what measures SARS will implement to address these discrepancies. For now, the industry watches closely, hoping for swift resolutions that will allow these artists to focus on their craft without the looming threat of financial and professional instability.

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