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List Of 10 Celebrities Who Were Robbed In Red With Fake Doctorates From Trinity International Bible University

South African Celebrities with Bogus Honorary Doctorates from Trinity International Bible University

South African actor Sello Maake kaNcube recently made headlines for all the wrong reasons after it emerged that the honorary doctorate he received was from the illegitimate Trinity International Bible University, a so-called educational institution operating out of a warehouse-like structure. The news sparked controversy on social media, with many questioning the legitimacy of such honors and the individuals and institutions conferring them.

However, Maake kaNcube is not alone. Several other notable figures in South Africa have received similar bogus doctorates from Trinity International Bible University, including celebrities from the entertainment industry and other sectors. The following is a list of these individuals who, at some point, publicly celebrated their newfound academic titles, only to find out they were fraudulent.

Sello Maake kaNcube
The former Generations actor took to social media to proudly announce that he had received an honorary doctorate, stating, “It’s now Dr Sello Maake kaNcube.” However, his celebration was short-lived after Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande confirmed that Trinity International Bible University was not a registered institution and could not legally confer any qualifications, including honorary degrees. Maake kaNcube shared a biblical quote from Isaiah 43:2 during his moment of joy, but he later had to retract his new title.

Elizabeth Serunye
Skeem Saam actress Elizabeth Serunye, known for her role as Jacobeth Thubakgale, was another recipient of a bogus honorary doctorate from Trinity International Bible University. On social media, she wrote, “Graduation day. Honour me as Dr Sikasu Serunye.” However, following Nzimande’s revelations, she had to forgo her newfound academic status.

Zwelinzima Vavi
Zwelinzima Vavi, the secretary general of the South African Federation of Trade Unions (SAFTU), was awarded an honorary degree from the same illegitimate institution in 2018. Vavi explained on social media that he accepted the honor because it was given to him by a church in recognition of his work in social justice. He expressed uncertainty over whether the church was aware of the university’s status, noting that he did not pay for the degree or solicit it.

Winnie Mashaba

Gospel singer Winnie Mashaba took to Instagram in 2019 to express her delight after receiving an honorary doctorate from Trinity International Bible University. She shared her joy, stating that the honor came as a result of her talent and hard work. Unfortunately, this sense of achievement was tarnished when it became clear that the institution was not authorized to confer such degrees.

Deborah Fraser
The late gospel singer Deborah Fraser, who passed away in 2022, also received a bogus honorary doctorate from Trinity International Bible University in 2021. Fraser expressed her gratitude on social media, citing her journey and contributions to music as reasons for her recognition. However, following the revelation about the university’s status, the legitimacy of her doctorate was called into question.

Kenny Makweng
Limpopo gospel singer Kenny Makweng, who passed away in early 2023, was awarded an honorary doctorate from the same institution in 2022. He shared a video on Instagram showing his acceptance of the degree, but his honorary status was later invalidated.

Peter Mabula
Another Limpopo gospel singer, Peter Mabula, received an honorary doctorate from Trinity International Bible University in 2022. He celebrated his achievement on social media, but like others, his title was ultimately declared illegitimate.

Ngwana Ledwaba
Limpopo gospel singer Ngwana Ledwaba was among the recipients of a bogus honorary doctorate from Trinity International Bible University in 2022. She shared photos from her graduation ceremony on Facebook, expressing her excitement, only to later learn about the university’s fraudulent status.

Lucas Kgaphola
Former SABC Sepedi television news anchor, Lucas Kgaphola, also received an honorary doctorate from the same bogus institution in 2022. He shared his graduation pictures on Facebook and thanked God for the honor, mentioning other recipients such as Winnie Mashaba and Deborah Fraser. However, his title was invalidated after the revelations about the institution’s illegitimacy.

The case of Trinity International Bible University serves as a cautionary tale, reminding the public to verify the legitimacy of educational institutions and their credentials. Minister Nzimande has threatened legal action against the so-called university, emphasizing that it is not registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training and is not authorized to confer degrees or honorary doctorates.

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