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Tragic Twist, The Black Door’s Khaya Sokhulu Dies in Final Episode

“The Black Door,” a South African drama series, premiered on April 11, 2022, and captivated audiences with its gripping storyline centered around Khaya Sokhulu, played by Zamani Mbatha. Mbatha, born in April 1998, is a South African actor known for his role in the Mzansi Magic telenovela “Isithembiso.” He is also the younger brother of renowned actress Nomzamo Mbatha.

Khaya, the central character of “The Black Door,” was a long-distance truck driver with dreams of starting a bus business with his brother, Chuma Sokhulu, played by Thobani Nzuza. Unfortunately, his plans didn’t pan out, and he found himself working at The Black Door club, owned by Rebecca Mabuza.

Although “The Black Door” was not renewed for a second season, it transitioned into a new storyline with the series “Isitha-The Enemy.” This new chapter began with Khaya marrying Nandi. The ongoing feud between Rebecca and the Sokhulu family took a dark turn, with Rebecca suffering a severe beating at the hands of Chuma and Khaya, leaving her wheelchair-bound. Rebecca retaliated by organizing a strike, leading to the closure of the Sokhulu businesses. She then attacked Khaya with a golf club, causing him to lose his sight, though he later regained it.

Despite the brothers’ attempts to exact revenge on Rebecca, they couldn’t succeed. The drama escalated when Khaya’s mother, Nomsa, prepared to marry her presumed-dead husband, Solomon, unaware that Rebecca had kidnapped him. At the wedding, Rebecca convinced Nolitha to poison the food intended for the Sokhulu family as part of her revenge plot. The poison was added to African beer, leading to the hospitalization of the Sokhulu family.

The series took a heartbreaking turn in its final episode, revealing that Khaya Sokhulu had succumbed to kidney failure. His untimely death marked a poignant end to the dramatic saga, leaving fans stunned and mourning the loss of the beloved character.

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