Linda Nxumalo Tells A Painfull story That Happened in His Life During His boyhood

Linda Nxumalo narrated his painful experience that happened to him during his boyhood when his parents weren’t there for him to support him. Fans couldn’t hold tears. .. here is what he said“While I was still staying in Mpumalanga, . I had a neighbor that built a mansion, though during the day we never saw any builders.

I always minded my own business, but I was amazed how they would buy building materials today, then the following morning there’s already progress with their mansion and they need to go buy new material.

I started not sleeping every night and tried to monitor them, but that is when they stopped making progress with their mansion. One morning as I was off to buy bread passing by their gate the wife of the family asked, “Awusalali ebusuku why?” I thought maybe they saw me at night trying to monitor the surroundings. I lied to her that I always watch movies but she convinced me I should sleep it’s not healthy.

I couldn’t keep up with staying up every night sometimes I would sleep and that is when I would find that they made progress with their mansion. I then decided to dedicate one full month of no sleep just to check them out. On the second week of that month their daughter started to get close to me, “Linda, I can I come over to watch movies with you, umama told me ukuthi ubuka amaMovie every night.” I agreed, I was charmed anyway.

The first night she came over, she came with drinks and snacks, I after a few sips I knocked out. The following morning, she said, “You were too tight, ne? I left you sleeping.” But again, there was progress with the mansion. This happened for two days, and every time after sipping her drinks, I would doze off, wake up the next morning. I had to stop her from coming over.

This made me more suspicious. One night, I placed a camera on top of my roof so it could watch everything happening. I went to bed, woke up very tired. The first thing I did was to get the camera and watch the clip recorded over night, there I was at my neighbors’ busy building a mansion. I even heard them saying, “This one is getting clever, namhlanje we making him to complete building this mansion.”

I looked outside, and the mansion was complete

Thank you for reading this is a fairy tale and isn’t a true story.

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