ETV Scandal: Jojo’s Hilarious Undercover Revelation

Malaika from Temu is exposed of her risky online business


In a recent episode of ETV’s popular show “Scandal,” fans were treated to a humorous twist involving Jojo, who cleverly disguised as both “Fake” and “Max” from shein. Jojo’s mission was to uncover the secret activities of Phakamile, who is fondly referred to by fans as “Phakamile-as-Malaika-from-Temu.”

The storyline took an amusing turn when Jojo, acting as a detective, successfully exposed Malaika’s involvement in an online TF business. This unexpected revelation caused a significant stir, especially since Malaika’s online ventures were threatening her relationship with Shein Max. The drama intensified as Malaika’s secret dealings were brought to light, jeopardizing the trust and bond she shared with Shein Max.

Viewers couldn’t help but laugh at the intricate web of deception and the eventual unmasking of Malaika’s double life. The narrative not only provided comic relief but also highlighted the lengths to which Jojo went to uncover the truth. The episode sparked lively discussions among fans, who praised the show’s clever writing and Jojo’s stellar performance in his undercover role. This humorous yet dramatic turn of events has certainly left audiences eagerly anticipating the next episode of “Scandal.”

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