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Read #HouseOfZwide Teasers For June 2024:

Read #HouseOfZwide Teasers For June 2024

Monday 3 June 2024

Episode 231


With Molefe growing increasingly suspicious about the surprise wedding plans, Ona ropes in Zanele to do Dorothy’s make-up on the day while Keletso volunteers to be the DJ.


Tuesday 4 June 2024

Episode 232


Mampho is upset and accuses Ona of sending Keletso to ask Soka not to attend the wedding with her, Mampho then declares she and Soka will not be attending the wedding as a result.


Wednesday 5 June 2024

Episode 233


Mampho changes her mind and agrees to come to the wedding after a heartfelt apology from Keletso, who reveals she was only trying to protect Ona’s feelings.


Thursday 6 June 2024

Episode 234


Dorothy is surprised and touched when she learns how far family and friends have gone to arrange her wedding. The community later celebrates as Molefe and Dorothy exchange vows during their fairy tale wedding.


Friday 7 June 2024

Episode 235


Molefe and Maria are unsure of how Isaac will feel about their plans to make changes to the salon, while Molefe chickens out, Maria works up the courage to ask Isaac.



Monday 10 June 2024

Episode 236


After recovering the share of the money Kopano stole from the Zwide accounts, Nkosi and Funani drive off with him before dumping him broke and stranded in the middle of nowhere.


Tuesday 11 June 2024

Episode 237


After Isaac grants his permission for changes to the salon to go ahead, Molefe’s joy turns to anxiety when Maria suggests he learn how to cut men’s hair in order to make a bigger contribution to the salon.


Wednesday 12 June 2024

Episode 238


After abducting Nandipha’s father, Funani reaches out to her and offers to cut a deal for her father’s safe return in exchange for the money.


Thursday 13 June 2024

Episode 239


Sandile is thrilled when out of the several matches, he’s made with girls on the dating app, the hottest of them all reaches out to him.


Friday 14 June 2024

Episode 240


Mampho helps Sandile exchange texts with the hot girl, until she eventually agrees to go on a date with him. However, Sandile chickens out on the date when he sees how beautiful the girl is in person.



Monday 17 June 2024

Episode 241


After learning that Sandile chickened out of his date with Monica, Mampho convinces him he still has a chance, especially after Monica messages Sandile asking him why he stood her up.


Tuesday 18 June 2024

Episode 242


After realizing they don’t have the money and expertise to host the hair ball show and fearing competition from the rival salon, Molefe and Maria decide they are better off cancelling the event.


Wednesday 19 June 2024

Episode 243


Molefe is desperate and turns to Ona for help, after finding out that it’s too late to back out of hosting the hair ball.


Thursday 20 June 2024

Episode 244


Sandile wakes up alone and drugged, only to discover that he, Soka and Mampho have all been robbed by Monica. Mampho suggests they track Monica down.


Friday 21 June 2024

Episode 245


With Laz on board, Molefe asks Keletso to help find the models for the hair ball, but he hits a snag when Zanele refuses to be one of the judges.


Monday 24 June 2024

Episode 246


Molefe is crushed when he overhears Ona telling Keletso that the chances of him winning the hair ball event are slim.


Tuesday 25 June 2024

Episode 247


Faith panics after Funani tells her the ceremony will go ahead with more powerful izangoma, and that he expects her to be there.


Wednesday 26 June 2024

Episode 248


A day after the ceremony, Zechariah tells Funani he believes the dreams have ended and he is now at peace. Faith on the other hand, starts having nightmares and premonitions of Loyiso’s death.


Thursday 27 June 2024

Episode 249


Zechariah presses Nkosi and Funani to head back with him to KZN a to do a more fitting ukubuyisa ceremony for MaNgidi. They leave that same night after a tense goodbye between Faith and Zechariah.


Friday 28 June 2024

Episode 250

After the failure of their first stake out, Mampho, Soka and Sandile hold a second stake out, leading them to finally spotting Monica.

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