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Victim of Fake Degree, Man Sues College for Fraud Over Sham PhD and Misleading Graduation

Johannesburg, South Africa – In a stunning turn of events, Ntaate Maake, a 34-year-old man from Johannesburg, has filed a lawsuit against a local college, alleging that they issued him a fake PhD and conducted a sham graduation ceremony, leaving him humiliated and out of thousands of rands.

Maake claims he was lured into enrolling in the college’s doctoral program with promises of a prestigious degree that would open doors in his career. After completing the required coursework and paying tuition, he was delighted to be informed that he would be graduating with a PhD in Business Administration.

Excited to mark this significant milestone, Maake spent R16,000 on a tailored suit and R3,000 on new shoes for the graduation ceremony. However, shortly after the event, he discovered that the degree was fraudulent, and the institution was not accredited to award such qualifications.

“I was devastated,” Maake told reporters outside the Johannesburg Court, where he filed his lawsuit. “I put my heart and soul into my studies, and I invested a lot of money in preparation for my graduation. To find out it was all fake was a crushing blow.”

The fraudulent college, which is now under investigation, held an elaborate graduation ceremony to deceive its students, complete with hired actors playing the roles of professors and dignitaries. However, it was later revealed that the certificates they issued were not recognized by any legitimate academic authority.

Maake is seeking compensation for the money he spent on tuition, graduation expenses, and emotional distress. His lawsuit aims to send a strong message to other unscrupulous institutions that prey on individuals seeking to improve their education and career prospects.

Education experts say this case highlights the importance of thoroughly researching academic institutions before enrolling. They advise prospective students to check with national accreditation bodies to ensure the legitimacy of any college or university offering degrees.

Maake’s attorney, Thando Dlamini, stated, “This is a clear case of fraud. Our client was misled and has suffered both financially and emotionally. We will pursue justice to the fullest extent of the law.”

The college’s representatives were not available for comment at the time of this article. The Johannesburg Court is expected to set a hearing date in the coming weeks.

As Maake’s case unfolds, his story serves as a cautionary tale to anyone considering furthering their education. While the journey towards higher learning can be rewarding, due diligence and vigilance are crucial in avoiding the pitfalls of fake degrees and unscrupulous institutions.

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