Seasoned actress, Linda Sebezo, is the only lady in South Africa who can nail every existing role and deserves her flowers. She finally reveals what happened to her face

With a career spanning over 37 years, actress Linda Sebezo has faced numerous hardships. In an interview with TshisaLIVE, the seasoned actress opened up about her struggles, how she learned to overcome challenges, and how she emerged stronger.

Recently, Linda joined the cast of Isibaya as one of the matriarchs in the taxi industry-themed drama series. This new role marked a significant comeback for the actress, who has been applauded by fans and trends on social media whenever she appears on screen.

Despite the recognition, Linda remains humble.

“These women [I play] are strong women. They are devoted to their families’ well-being no matter the costs. As a single mother, and just as a woman, I can relate and that helps me get into my characters and make them believable,” she said.

Although Linda has been in the industry for over three decades, she received her first SAFTA (South African Film and Television Award) last year for Best Achievement by a Supporting Actress in a TV Comedy for her role in the sitcom Gauteng Maboneng. She admitted to TshisaLIVE that there was a time when she questioned whether she was “not good enough” for recognition.

“I used to wonder whether I was not good enough for an award, or for recognition. Because I know I work hard,” she said.

However, after winning another SAFTA this year, Linda believes that it was all “God’s timing.” She told TshisaLIVE that she has learned “to persevere and to patiently wait for the things she deserves.”

Linda also shared that she is instilling the same values in her daughter, who is a talented singer. She emphasized the importance of education, advising her daughter to focus on school first before entering the entertainment industry.

Linda Sebezo’s journey is a testament to resilience and patience, inspiring many with her dedication and humility in the face of challenges.

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