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Rare US $1 Bills with Printing Error Could Be Worth Up to $150,000—Here’s How to Check Yours

The U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing has revealed that a massive batch of $1 banknotes, printed with an error between 2014 and 2016, might be worth a small fortune. Nearly 6.4 million faulty banknotes were released, and each could fetch up to $150,000 if you find a matching pair with the same serial number.

These misprinted notes were issued in two separate batches, one in New York and another in Washington, D.C. To identify if you have one of these potentially valuable bills, follow these steps:

1. Federal Reserve Seal

Check for a “B” seal above the serial number. This indicates that it came from the New York Federal Reserve Bank.

2. Series Identification

Look for “Series 2013” on the right side of George Washington’s portrait.

Star Symbol

The serial number should end with a star, indicating that it is a replacement note.

Only 37 matching pairs have been found so far, meaning there are still millions of these unique dollar bills floating around. So, before you spend your next $1 bill, take a moment to see if you have one of these rare treasures. You could be holding a ticket worth up to $150,000!

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