Obadiah Moyo in fraud circle

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Minister of Health and Childcare Obadiah Moyo has found himself wanting after being involved in a fraud scandal concerning the procurement of Covid-19 test kits.

Obadiah Moyo had claimed earlier in April that the testing equipment was bought from Namibia. However, according to documents that were leaked by Hopewell Chin’ono, the testing kits were procured from China by a company called Jaji Investments, which is owned by Mnangwagwa’s sons, Collins and Shaun.

Jaji Investments bought the testing equipment at $0.06 USD per unit and sold it to the Government at $14.75 USD per unit. In total, they bought 45,000 units at $300 USD then sold them to the Government at $66,375 USD, making a profit margin of over 22,025% (twenty-two thousand and twenty-five percent).

Zimbabwe has been ripped by corruption since Mnangagwa assumed office in the aftermath of the 2017 coup. Drax International, a company owned by Mnangwagwa’s son was also involved in another fraud circle last month when it procured testing kits for the government at inflated prices.

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