Nyovest and Uzalo’s MaMlambo Reveal Why They Keep Their Children’s Faces Hidden, See why here

While Gugu Gumede, popularly known as MaMlambo on Uzalo, is taking a break from the show, she has been staying connected with her fans through social media. However, one part of her life remains private—her daughter. Gugu frequently shares pictures of her daughter but always ensures that the child’s face is hidden. When asked why she does this, Gugu revealed that her daughter is too young to have her face displayed on social media.

Nyovest and Uzalo’s MaMlambo hiding the faces of their kids

In Southern African traditions, it is common practice not to show a child’s face to strangers until they reach a certain age, usually between three to six months. This stems from the belief that a child can be easily bewitched at a particular age. Gugu respects this tradition and feels her daughter is too young to be exposed to public scrutiny.

She also worries about the negative energy and potential harm that could come from revealing her daughter’s face online.

South African rapper Cassper Nyovest shares similar sentiments. He has chosen to keep his son, Khotso’s, face off social media. Nyovest is concerned about the presence of people who may have malicious intentions.

“I don’t think I’m going to post my child anytime soon. As much as we have fans here, this place has real-life witches who prey on people’s energies. Be very careful,” Nyovest said on social media.

Both Gugu Gumede and Cassper Nyovest are public figures with large followings, but they prioritize their children’s safety and privacy above public curiosity. Their decisions reflect a deep respect for cultural beliefs and a protective instinct for their young children.

Gugu, despite being away from Uzalo, continues to engage with her fans on social media. She keeps them updated on her activities, but her daughter’s face remains hidden. This decision aligns with the traditional Southern African practice of shielding young children from public view to protect them from potential harm.

Nyovest’s approach is rooted in similar concerns.

He acknowledges the love and support from fans but remains wary of the negative forces that can exist in the digital space. His caution reflects a broader awareness of the potential dangers of overexposure on social media.

Both Gugu and Nyovest’s actions highlight a critical aspect of celebrity life—the balance between public engagement and personal privacy. They show that even in the age of social media, where oversharing is common, some boundaries are necessary to protect what matters most.

By keeping their children’s faces hidden, Gugu Gumede and Cassper Nyovest are taking a stand for their children’s right to privacy.

Their decisions resonate with many parents who also struggle with the dilemma of how much to share about their children online.

Through their actions, they send a powerful message about the importance of safeguarding their loved ones from potential harm while respecting cultural traditions and personal beliefs.

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