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Nefisa Mkhabela Open Up On Why She’s Taking A Sabbatical On House Zwide

Nefisa Mkhabela Takes Sabbatical from ‘House of Zwide’ to Pursue Law Degree

Nefisa Mkhabela, a prominent actress on the popular South African TV show “House of Zwide,” has announced she will be taking a sabbatical from the show. The decision comes as a surprise to many fans who have watched her skillfully juggle both her acting career and her studies. Mkhabela’s departure is fueled by a desire to complete her law degree, following a persistent push from her father to secure a professional qualification.

In an exclusive interview, Mkhabela opened up about the motivations behind her decision. “My father has always emphasized the importance of education and having a professional qualification. While I love acting and it’s my passion, I also recognize the value in securing my future with a degree in law,” she shared.

Many viewers have admired Mkhabela for her ability to balance her demanding acting schedule with her academic pursuits. However, recent developments on the show and behind the scenes have influenced her decision to step back temporarily. Specifically, Mkhabela expressed frustration with the direction of the show’s current storylines, particularly those involving characters Mampho and Sokalezwe.


“It’s become increasingly challenging to stay engaged with the storyline. I feel that the focus has shifted in a way that doesn’t align with my character’s development or my personal interests,” Mkhabela explained. “I believe it’s the right time to focus on my studies and come back stronger.”


Despite the challenges, Mkhabela remains optimistic about her future on “House of Zwide.” She assured fans that this is not a permanent goodbye but rather a necessary break to ensure she can give her best in both her acting career and her education. “I am deeply grateful for the support from my fans and the production team. This isn’t the end, just a new chapter,” she added.


As Mkhabela embarks on this new journey, her absence will undoubtedly be felt on the show. However, her determination to achieve her academic goals while maintaining her passion for acting serves as an inspiring reminder of the importance of balancing career and education.

The producers of “House of Zwide” have expressed their full support for Mkhabela’s decision, acknowledging her contributions to the show and wishing her success in her studies. They have also hinted at exciting developments for her character’s return, ensuring that fans have something to look forward to.

For now, audiences will have to wait to see what the future holds for Mkhabela’s character on “House of Zwide.” In the meantime, her journey serves as a testament to the power of pursuing one’s dreams, both on screen and off.

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