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Virginia From SmokeAndMirrors, Calls the Police To Locate Thulani.. See Why Here

⁹Renowned multi-talented artist Virginia, a prominent figure from the popular South African series “SmokeAndMirrors,” has recently opened up about the alarming rise in crime targeting celebrities in the country. In a candid interview, she revealed the immense difficulties she is facing as a top celebrity, following a series of high-profile crime incidents aimed at public figures.

Virginia disclosed that she has had to relocate to secured private places to protect herself from the increasing threats. This week alone, there were two attempted burglaries at her apartment, which, although unsuccessful, have left her in a state of fear for her safety.

“I am deeply concerned for my life,” Virginia confessed. “Despite the heightened security, these incidents keep happening. It’s terrifying to think that my life could be in jeopardy.”

Adding to her distress, Virginia suspects that Thulani from Empangeni, her long-time ex-fiancé, might be behind these nefarious attempts. She believes he could be orchestrating these attacks to harm her.

In a heartfelt plea, Virginia called upon the public to help her by spreading awareness of her situation. “I urge everyone to bring this issue to light. The public’s attention could be a crucial deterrent to those who wish to harm me.”

As a beloved figure in South Africa’s entertainment industry, Virginia’s situation highlights a growing concern about the safety of celebrities amidst rising crime rates. Her call for public support underscores the urgent need for enhanced security measures to protect those in the limelight from such threats.

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