Mawhoo’s ex-boyfriend, Nkosi, spills the beans.. expose all dark secrets related to her. Mzans was left tongues waging, but how true is this??

Mawhoo Stuns Fans with Her Girlfriend Allowance Demand

Mzansi was left in disbelief when popular singer Mawhoo, known for her hit song “Ngilimele,” revealed the hefty amount she expects as a girlfriend allowance. The singer shocked her followers by stating that she wants a whopping 500,000 rand as a monthly allowance. This announcement quickly ignited a firestorm of reactions across social media, with fans and critics alike weighing in on the matter.


Mawhoo, who has been climbing the charts with her soulful voice and engaging performances, took to her social media platforms to share her perspective on relationships and financial expectations. According to Mawhoo, the substantial allowance is a reflection of her worth and the lifestyle she maintains. “I know what I bring to the table, and I expect my partner to recognize that,” she stated confidently.

However, the revelation did not sit well with many netizens. The backlash was swift, with some followers expressing their disbelief and disapproval. One user bluntly commented, “Mawhoo should only open her mouth when she’s singing,” reflecting a sentiment shared by those who felt her demand was unreasonable and out of touch with reality. Critics argue that such expectations perpetuate unrealistic standards and could negatively impact young fans who look up to her.


Despite the criticism, there were also voices of support. Some fans praised Mawhoo for knowing her value and setting high standards for herself. “Why should she settle for less? If that’s what she wants and she can get it, more power to her,” one supporter tweeted. This division in opinions highlights the ongoing debate about financial expectations in relationships and the role of personal worth and empowerment.


Mawhoo remains unfazed by the mixed reactions, standing by her statement with unwavering confidence. In a follow-up post, she emphasized the importance of self-worth and not settling for less than what one deserves. “Every queen deserves her castle and everything that comes with it,” she wrote.

As the discussion continues, Mawhoo has undeniably made waves, sparking conversations about the intersection of love, money, and self-respect. Whether one agrees with her or not, it’s clear that Mawhoo means business both in her music career and personal life, and she isn’t afraid to voice her standards.

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