Fans Harass Actor Sicelo Buthelezi Over ‘Skeem Saam’ Role , he’s Wrote a Resignation letter

Actor Sicelo Buthelezi recently shared a memorable and somewhat uncomfortable encounter with a passionate fan of the popular SABC1 show, “Skeem Saam.” The interaction, which Buthelezi humorously recounted on social media, demonstrated the intense reactions some viewers have towards on-screen characters.

In his post, Buthelezi detailed an incident where a fan confronted him in a garage, calling him the “Skeem Saam rapist” in reference to his portrayal of the character Toby. Buthelezi wrote:

“Just walked inside a garage and the guy standing next in line greets me like ‘Eyy ke wena rapist ya #SkeemSaam’. Kinda felt something inside hey. I’m just an actor bro.”

The storyline that sparked this reaction involves Toby taking advantage of his girlfriend, Ntswaki (played by Lethabo Mekoa), after she hesitates about being intimate. Despite her attempts to avoid the situation by missing calls from the Maputlas and telling Toby she needs to go home, Toby proceeds without understanding her change of heart or obtaining her consent.
However, Tobby has decided to quit his role on Skeem Saam, submitting his resignation today due to real-life harassment he faced because of his character on the show. His departure has deeply affected many people.

Even thiugh Fans of the show reassured Buthelezi that such strong reactions are a testament to his convincing performance. They argue that being “harassed” by fans for his character’s actions demonstrates his skill in bringing Toby to life.

Buthelezi’s co-star, Hellen Motsuki, who plays Melita on “Skeem Saam,” has also faced harsh criticism from viewers, being unfairly labeled a home wrecker due to her character’s actions on the show.

Fans Show Their Support

On social media, many fans rallied behind Buthelezi and his co-stars, sharing their thoughts and experiences:

– @NtlharhiSambo: “I thought about how you are being perceived after recent scenes. It’s a very sensitive topic with hardly any faces to it and a huge sacrifice in order to educate others. I don’t know you IRL but so proud of you for getting us talking about it so much!”
– @sharon_dikeledi: “Melita once said a woman hit her with a trolley and said ‘o cheate’r le Mr Kgomo wena’?”
– @purple01leopard: “You’re crushing it. Obakeng from e.tv Scandal! used to be insulted for DV because he triggered people with his performance. Job well done.”
– @AfrikanChefZA: “At least you didn’t get slapped like Pamela Nomvete for her role as Ntsiki Lukhele.”
– @Timothy1923: “They don’t remember the brilliant ‘Teddy’ but a character that will stick with you for some time now.”

This incident underscores the powerful impact that TV characters and storylines can have on viewers, prompting strong emotional reactions. Despite the challenges, it also highlights the importance of storytelling in addressing sensitive and significant issues, provoking conversation and awareness among the audience.

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