Leaked | Here Are Some Of The Images Mai Denzel Was Sending To Her Boyfriends

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Images that the lady of the moment, Mai Denzel, was sending to her lovers have found themselves on social media streets.

Mai Denzel, who was busted for cheating on her husband, Baba Denzel, with two different men, has become a social media sensation after audio clips of her confessing her promiscuous behaviour leaked.

According to the audio clips, Mai Denzel dated her first lover and then broke up with him to date his friend. Aggrieved by Mai Denzel’s actions, the jilted lover went to Baba Denzel and let the cat out of the bag. He also forwarded him nude images he had received from Mai Denzel

It is some of those images that iHarare has seen.

To watch the first image click here.

For the second image click here.

Meanwhile, a section on social media has praised Baba Denzel for maintaining his cool after finding out about his wife’s shenanigans.

Check out what some women had to say about the whole fracas.

Rebecca Mushosho Tagara

Weldone Bba Denzel
Violence haitongi nyaya
Thanks for being so calm
I love the way u handled your issue
Sando dzako

Concillia Ngwaru

Iweee Mai Denzel isu semadzimai tiri kuti varume vashoma munyika iwe biz kutoita 3 kupedzera vamwe iwe uine husband futi I salute your husband for being peaceful Ari mumwe waiiswa demo chairo

Alice Maidei Chingombe

I respect this man respected Hama dzemukadzi akavapira Nyaya , even let her spend the night,panekuwuraya wopindira jere for chihure Che munhu. Or committing suicide. Hmmmmm mapudzi anowira vasina hari shuwa.. #wifematerial ndayitya rwendo runo

Shamiso M Gutsa

You are one of a kind ba Denzel. May the Lord grant you a woman who will love and respect you. Your composure in all this is on another level. Tariro you lost a good man.

Tatenda Mhaka Mawodza

Ipapa mazivanhu arimudzimba busy kutuka masingle mother heeeee mahure kkkkkkkkkkk hehede avo varimudziba varikuita zvikomba 2 plus murume hanzi mvana imika ityai Mwari

Edith Moyo Moyo

Ndikunzwei futi muchiti heee masinguru mother heeee havoka ma wife material enyu 2 zvikomba plus murume wake chaii

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