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Ladies Stop Forcing Men to Marry You, A laddy Proposed to Her Boyfriend And he said Yes

In a recent post a woman is seen proposing to her boyfriend who said yes.

This post left so many people with mixed feelings about a woman proposing since it’s considered being a man’s job to propose.Some people even went on to ask on who will pay the Lobola, while others claim that she will not have peace in this marriage.

Fans ask since this lady has proposed him, so who’s going to pay for lobola, is she gonna go to his family and pay Lobola. Some even suggested that our culture does not allow that. However, Internet remained a platform, the best thing is that the couple is happy and now pushing their relationship goals.

In the past, proposals have been characterised as an occasion when a man takes the initiative, kneels down, and asks for his future spouse’s hand in marriage. This conventional story has been reinforced by literature, movies, and social norms and is engrained in many societies. Couples are, however, reworking this story to better represent their beliefs and the equality they want to in their relationships as society attitudes change.

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