Revealed real-life connection between Nefisa Mkhabela andGaisang Noge has shocked Mzansi…?? See it here

House of Zwide, a popular South African television drama, has captured the hearts of viewers with its riveting storylines and compelling characters. Among these characters are Ona and Mampho, portrayed by two talented actresses who share a special bond off-screen as well. Little known to many fans, Ona and Mampho are real-life cousins, as their mothers are sisters. This familial connection undoubtedly contributes to their on-screen chemistry and exceptional acting skills.

Ona’s Role on House of Zwide

Ona, whose real name is Nefisa Mkhabela, plays a central role in House of Zwide. She portrays Onalerona Molapo, commonly referred to as Ona. Ona is a young and ambitious fashion designer who dreams of making it big in the fashion industry. Her journey is marked by challenges and triumphs as she navigates her way through the competitive world of fashion. Ona’s character is beloved for her resilience, creativity, and determination to overcome obstacles in pursuit of her dreams.

Mampho’s Role on House of Zwide

Mampho, played by Gaisang Noge, is another key character in the show. Mampho is depicted as a fierce and somewhat cunning individual who often finds herself at odds with other characters, including Ona. She is ambitious and willing to go to great lengths to secure her place in the fashion world. Mampho’s character adds a layer of intrigue and tension to the storyline, making her an essential part of the show’s dynamic.

Salaries and Age

The entertainment industry often sparks curiosity about the earnings of its stars. Nefisa Mkhabela, who plays Ona, reportedly earns between R40,000 to R60,000 per month. Gaisang Noge, playing Mampho, earns approximately R30,000 to R50,000 monthly. These figures reflect their growing popularity and the significant roles they play in the series.

Nefisa Mkhabela is 21 years old, having been born in 2003. Her cousin, Gaisang Noge, is slightly older at 25 years old, born in 1999. Despite their youth, both actresses have made remarkable strides in their careers, showcasing their talents and dedication.

How They Started Acting

Nefisa Mkhabela’s passion for acting ignited at a young age. She participated in school plays and community theater, honing her skills and gaining valuable experience. Her big break came when she auditioned for House of Zwide and impressed the producers with her natural talent and charisma. Since then, she has become a household name in South African television.

Gaisang Noge’s journey to stardom began similarly. Growing up in a family with a rich artistic background, she was encouraged to pursue her interests in the performing arts. She took acting classes and appeared in various local productions before landing her role on House of Zwide. Her portrayal of Mampho has earned her critical acclaim and a dedicated fanbase.

The Bond Between Real-Life Cousins

The connection between Nefisa Mkhabela and Gaisang Noge extends beyond their professional collaboration. As cousins, their familial bond adds depth to their performances. Their mothers are sisters, which explains the close-knit relationship they share. This off-screen relationship likely enhances their ability to portray the complex dynamics between their characters on the show.

In conclusion, the story of Ona and Mampho on House of Zwide is enriched by the real-life connection between Nefisa Mkhabela and Gaisang Noge. Their talent, coupled with their familial bond, has contributed to the show’s success and their individual careers. As they continue to captivate audiences with their performances, fans can look forward to more captivating moments from these gifted actresses.

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