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Gugu Gumede Shares How She Lost 30kg, See here

Gugu Gumede Shares She Lost 30 kg in 4 Months With Weight  “I’m So Much Happier”9

Uzalo actress Gugu Gumede opened up about how she shed 30 kg in just four months Gugu Gumede posted a video on her YouTube page where she revealed that she underwent weight loss surgery in January Gugu underwent vertical sleeve gastrectomy surgery, and she spoke about the good and the bad about it

New mom Gugu Gumede got candid on her loss journey, which was aided by surgery. The Uzalo star shared on her YouTube channel that she was unhappy with her body, so she decided to do something about it. Gugu Gumede revealed her secret to losing 30 kg in four months.
Uzalo star on her weight loss journey On YouTube, Gugu Gumede revealed that she had shed 30 kg in just four months after undergoing vertical sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Gugu Gumede took the decision to go under the knife in January, and although she was fearful in the beginning, she has a newfound sense of confidence. Gumede said she did not want to be a chronic patient because of her weight.
“I got a place where I was unhappy with my weight and also with how I felt physically. I did not feel good and my feet would hurt. I would go to sleep at night, and my heart would be pounding so much, I was so scared because I had high blood pressure. I knew that I was now at a high risk of becoming a chronic patient.”
Gugu Gumede had to learn to suppress cravings In the video, she continued saying she had to limit her food intake. At first, Gumede admitted feeling regretful and thought she had ruined her life. “It was difficult for three days for about two weeks post-operation. I struggled mentally because I was like, did I just ruin my life? “But then I realised why I did this and realised what a beautiful gift I had given myself. I’m so much happier, I feel so much lighter, and my blood pressure is now regulated. It’s normal.”

Woman opens up about weight-loss journey In a previous report from Briefly News, a young woman inspired many people with her weight loss journey from weighing 90kg to weighing 60kg. Expressing excitement over this achievement, the lady felt that people couldn’t believe that she was the same person as when she used to weigh 90kg Mzansi applauded the lady, and many said she looked stunning.

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