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Patrice Motsepe Denies Affair with ‘Gomora’ Actress Katlego Danke

Billionaire businessman Dr. Patrice Motsepe has strongly denied the rumors linking him with “Gomora” actress Katlego Danke. In a firm rebuttal, Motsepe has called these rumors “fake news” and has threatened legal action against those spreading these false claims.

Motsepe’s legal team, Bowmans Attorneys, issued a statement categorically refuting the allegations that he and Danke are in a relationship or expecting children together.

“On behalf of Dr. Patrice Motsepe, we state that the allegations in the media that Dr. Patrice Motsepe has children or a relationship with Ms. Katlego Danke are absolutely false and are fake news,” the statement read.

The lawyers also warned that spreading such rumors could lead to legal consequences.

“These allegations are defamatory and expose the disseminators of these false and untrue allegations to legal liability,” the statement continued.

Social Media Backlash and Legal Threats

Recently, social media has been rife with speculation that the 61-year-old Motsepe had impregnated Danke for the second time. Despite being married to physician and entrepreneur Dr. Precious Moloi, Motsepe has largely escaped online criticism, while Danke has faced significant abuse.

One social media user wrote, “Katlego Danke is a disgrace. She’s been praised in SA for being a homewrecker to Dr. Precious Moloi Motsepe’s marriage by falling pregnant twice for Patrice Motsepe. Celebrities don’t want to be independent; they want a rich, lavish lifestyle by dating wealthy men to sustain them.”

Motsepe’s legal team emphasized the serious consequences for those spreading these falsehoods, highlighting the defamatory nature of the allegations.

Katlego Danke’s Response

In an article published in ‘Die Son,’ Katlego Danke clarified that Dr. Patrice Motsepe is not the father of her child. This statement aimed to dispel the rumors linking her romantically with Motsepe.


Dr. Patrice Motsepe’s denial and threat of legal action underscore the seriousness with which he views these rumors. By labeling the allegations as “fake news” and threatening legal repercussions, Motsepe aims to protect his and his family’s reputation. This situation serves as a stark reminder of the potential legal consequences of spreading unverified and defamatory information.

As the situation unfolds, it is evident that Motsepe is committed to addressing these rumors head-on, ensuring that any false narratives about his personal life are promptly and decisively challenged.

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