See What Was Found in Makhadzi’s Yard, She Got it from Gogo Maweni

Neighbour find an alien in Makhadzi’s yard that has the internet stumped and believed its a goblin

Internet users were left puzzled by a strange finding in makhadzi ’s yard. The object had a peculiar shape, with a long skull, a slim body, and arm and leg-like extensions. It looked like something from a science fiction story but people believe its a goblin from Gogo Maweni to Makhadzi

At first, the confused person thought it was a mushroom. They asked their friends for help, but couldn’t find any answers. So, they decided to ask for assistance on Reddit. Even though they posted in forums specifically for mushroom lovers and alien events, nobody could figure out what the object really was.Many people were speculating, warning others to avoid direct contact and mentioning “The X-Files.” Discussions about the object’s physical features, like small breasts, sparked interest and arguments among internet detectives.

Speculations arose regarding the artificial origins, but the original poster confirmed it was not an AI-generated image. Some suggested it might be a prop from a nearby shop, yet doubts remained.

These were also just adjacent the juju9

When Makhadzi arrived she told everyone in her yard to move out and mind their own businesses, this has left the netizens with question that is Makhadzi’s music fame come from those aliens or its a goblin.

In the end, the real identity of the object stayed unknown, keeping online users curious and confused. The enigma around it still triggers conversations and theories on the internet.


Makhadzi’s juju exposed

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