“I Don’t Care About Being Recalled”: Job Sikhala

MDC Alliance Vice-Chairman and spokesperson of the 31st of July Movement, Job Sikhala has dismissed claims that he considered joining the MDC-T led by Thokozani Khupe.

Responding to a request for his comments on allegations made recently by MDC-T national spokesperson Khalipani Phugeni that he has warmed up to joining the judicially created party, Sikhala said:

If you are following what Khalipani Phugeni (MDC-T national spokesperson) said, then you are failing to read his intentions. He was setting me up for recall by claiming an individual in a struggle. Plus, I really don’t know that man. He thinks I care about being recalled. The power is theirs. They are free to use it as and when they want.

Our people look forward to some of us to continue driving the fight against Mnangagwa and his dictatorship, not these sideshows. I think it’s taking me and the people of Zimbabwe for granted. I am not a hater. I smile to everyone, but don’t spite my smile with false claims as it is in my nature.

I remain the vice-chairman of the MDC Alliance and the spokesperson of the broad citizens’ movement, the 31st of July Movement. What I despise is the Zanu PF regime and everything related to it.

I witnessed several splits in the MDC over years. They are no longer interesting adventures for me because they never advanced the goals of our liberation.

Our energy is expended on petty fights and in the same vein, destroys the foundation of our liberty and freedom.

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