#RIP It never rains but pours. Killer Kau family in trouble💔😭: Mother, brother also died in car accident. Uncle finally reveal what should have been done for Killer Kau not to die. See here

Killer Kau Family in Mourning: Mother and Brother Also Perished in Car Accidents, Uncle Reveals What Could Have Prevented Killer Kau’s DeathFriends and family gathered to bid a final farewell to Sakhile “Killer Kau” Makhubu, the much-loved amapiano artist who tragically died in a car crash on August 7, 2021.

Killer Kau family in trouble following the death of his mother and brother who also died in car accident.

The funeral, held three years after his passing, was an emotional event, brimming with heartfelt tributes from those closest to him.

Survived by Loved Ones

Killer Kau is survived by a loving family, including his father, grandmother, stepmother, three sisters, three brothers, and a niece and nephew. Each family member shared unique memories, reflecting on how deeply Sakhile had impacted their lives.

Uncle Remember Khumalo’s Emotional Tribute

Killer Kau’s uncle, Remember Khumalo, delivered a poignant tribute three years after the accident, recounting the family’s painful history with car accidents. He spoke about the tragic deaths of Sakhile’s mother and brother in similar accidents. “I never imagined I’d be saying rest in peace to Sakhile or any of my nieces or nephews.

I thought they would be saying that to me,” he expressed, his voice heavy with sorrow. Khumalo continued, “The most painful part is how Sakhile’s mother passed away. It was horrific. Then his brother died in another accident. I hoped the cycle would be broken to prevent it from happening again. But here we are today. Why it keeps happening in our family, I can’t understand.”

Aunt Nelisiwe’s Recollections

Sakhile’s aunt, Nelisiwe, who was instrumental in his upbringing, also spoke at the funeral. She reminisced about his early years and his passion for music. “Sakhile began singing at church.

He told me he loved music and wanted to pursue his dreams. I told him if he showed me his grade 12 certificate, he could continue singing. He graduated, and I gave him my blessing to pursue his dreams.” Her sadness was evident as she mourned having to lay him to rest.

Heartfelt Words from His Siblings

Killer Kau’s eldest sister, Gugulethu, wrote a moving tribute, expressing the pain of his sudden departure. “I was never ready for this day. Losing you has been the hardest thing I’ve ever faced. It hurts so much that I won’t hear your loud voice or smell your cologne that filled the room whenever you were around. You lived life to the fullest, each day like it was your last.

I am so proud of you and all you accomplished.”His sister, Xolisile Makhubu, shared a heartfelt message, highlighting their special bond. “It was an honor to call you my brother. I’m grateful to have been part of your journey. I will miss you, our silly fights, making up, warm hugs, your scent, and your love for mayonnaise. It still feels unreal;

I kept hoping to hear your loud voice whenever you returned from gigs. I don’t think I will ever get used to this pain. I already feel your absence. Until we meet again.”Siyabonga, the youngest brother, also paid tribute to Sakhile, expressing his gratitude and love. “Bro, you taught me nothing but love.

You played many roles in my life. Thanks for everything you did for me and for always being there. No one can replace you in my heart. I will miss you.”

The Investigation Continues

While the family mourns, the investigation into the fatal car crash that killed Killer Kau, Mpura, and four others continues. Authorities have launched an investigation into alleged culpable homicide following the accident in Marikana.

A Girlfriend’s Heartfelt Tribute

Killer Kau’s girlfriend, deeply affected by his sudden death, compiled a video of their most cherished moments together. “There’s no greater pain. My heart has been ripped out of my chest. It didn’t have to be this soon,” she expressed, conveying the profound grief she feels in the wake of his passing.

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