‘Even if we change our name, ZANU-PF will follow us wherever we go’

Speaking in an interview with ZiFM, Advocate Mahere, MDC Alliance’s Spokesperson discussed the possibility of the MDC Alliance changing it’s name.

‘This is not a fight about the name MDC, this is a fight about the representatives of a cause that is genuinely against ZANU-PF. The name ‘MDC-Alliance’ is different from the name ‘MDC-T’, when we went to the 2018 elections there was no confusion because Khupe got 45,000 votes throughout the entire nation and President Chamisa got 2,6 million votes’, said Advocate Mahere.

‘People have no confusion in their minds about the name. Even if we change our name, ZANU-PF will follow us wherever we go, even if the name changes, we know that’

‘What’s critical at this point is the consciousness and the cause, name change or no name change, we will continue to champion the fight for a better Zimbabwe’ added Advocate Mahere.

She added that the reason why ZANU-PF continues to attack them was that they are ‘fighting corruption, culture of violence, attempt to reduce Zimbabwe to a one-party state, state capture and the attempt to loot and plunder this nation’.

This comes in the aftermath of a series of Court cases in an attempt to settle the battle for legitimacy between Nelson Chamisa of the MDC-Alliance and Thokozani Khupe of the MDC-T faction.

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