Earn Four Figures In The UK As A Qualified Teacher With Zimbabwean Qualifications: All You Need To Know

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In 2022, the United Kingdom relaxed its rules for recruiting and opened its door to teachers from Zimbabwe.


The move was in reaction to the crippling shortage of teachers in the United Kingdom caused by COVID-19 and strikes over low salaries. Besides Zimbabwe, the UK is recruiting teachers from South Africa, Ghana, and Nigeria this year.


Zimbabwean teaching qualifications are now recognised in the United Kingdom. This article will provide information on how you can achieve your dream and teach in a country with a more rewarding salary.

How Much Salary Do You Get As A Qualified Teacher In The UK


The UK offers better and more competitive salary packages than what teachers in Zimbabwe get. The UK government set the minimum wage a teacher can get at US$33 500 a year, which is US$2 800 per month. This is more than ten times what you will get as a teacher in Zimbabwe.

However, each school will determine how much to pay you, but it ranges from US$2 800 to US$ 3 800 per month if you qualify for the main pay scale. If you are in the upper pay scale, you can earn between US$4 000 and about US$4 400.

The main and upper pay scales have six or three different salary bands, respectively, which the school will place you based on your qualifications and teaching experience.


If you come from Zimbabwe with more experience, you can qualify as a leader teacher and earn a maximum of US$6 800 monthly. Leader teachers train and mentor other teachers.

Types Of Teachers In The UK

Cover Supervisors

Cover supervisors replace the subject or class teacher whenever s/he is unavailable. If you are one, you do not teach but give the students the materials the teacher prepared for the day. To be a cover supervisor, you do not need any qualifications.

Teaching Assistants

If you become a teaching assistant, you will sometimes teach, but a qualified teacher will supervise you. Teaching assistants must have completed 3-6 months of teaching short courses.

High-Level Teaching Assistants (HLTA)

To be an HLTA, you should show that you meet UK professional standards and a Level 4 Qualification. The Level 4 Qualification is a first-stage teaching qualification that gives you a fundamental understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a teacher/trainer regarding legislation, equality, diversity, inclusivity and meeting the needs of learners.

If you are coming from Zimbabwe, Regional Providers of Assessment will come for a school visit to see if you meet the UK professional standards.

Unqualified Teachers

If you are an unqualified teacher, you will earn from US$1 900 to US$3 000 per month. However, most schools prefer recruiting qualified teachers.

Qualified Teachers

The UK Government particularly wants qualified teachers from Zimbabwe. UK schools recruit qualified teachers with Qualified Teaching Status (QTS).

Academic Qualifications Needed For Directly Applying For QTS


To qualify for QTS as a Zimbabwean, you should have a bachelor’s degree, recognised in Zimbabwe as a teaching qualification. Your degree can be a Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Science Education, or a Bachelor of Technical Education.




Subjects To Be Taught By Prospective Zimbabwean Teachers In The UK

To teach in the UK, you must be skilled in teaching children aged 11-16 in the following subjects: Maths, Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Mandarin, Russian, and Spanish.


You need to show evidence that your degree specifically shows you can teach one of these subjects, or at least 50% of your university degree was in one of them.


For instance, if you have a Bachelor of Education degree in Chemistry, at least 50% of your university modules should be in chemistry. If not, you must have a Postgraduate Certificate in Education, majoring in Chemistry.




Do You Need To Write IELTS To Qualify As A Teacher In The UK?

No, you do not need an IELTS. You just need an English proficiency document from your university specifying that your university degree was taught exclusively in English.

Documents Needed For Applying For UK Qualified Teacher Status

Scanned copies of Bachelor’s Degree certificate and transcript [Include those for your postgrad if you have it]

Scanned copy of either your Zimbabwean ID, Passport or Driver’s License

Scanned copy of your Proof of English proficiency from your university

Scanned copy of your Letter of Good Standing from the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education

A reference confirming that you worked unsupervised with children aged from 11 to 16 years for at least nine months. The referee should confirm that you taught, planned assessments and gave tests/exams to at least four students. This can be your supervisor, manager or head of department or anyone senior who can be accessed through email or phone.



What Is A Letter of Good Standing?

This is a document from the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education with the following information:


That You completed a teaching qualification/teacher training, with the name of the qualification

That you had professional teaching experience in Zimbabwe

That you taught children aged 11-16 and the specific subjects you taught and are qualified to teach.

That you qualify to teach at a government school.



How To Apply For UK Qualified Teacher Status

Visit the UK Government’s QTS application website by clicking here.

Scroll down to the START NOW icon.

Answer the initial screening questions.

If you are eligible, you’ll then have to open an account.

After that, fill in your personal details and upload your Zimbabwean ID, Passport or driver’s license.

Upload your degree certificate and transcripts [Include those for your postgrad if you have it]

Select three subjects that you are qualified to teach. These should be the ones on your Letter of Good Standing.

In the next section, upload your the Letter of Good Standing.



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