Viral Video: SA Celebrity Phindile Gwala’s Sister Sparks Controversy

A video featuring Phindile Gwala’s sister has taken the internet by storm. The clip shows her catching a chicken, eating it, and then feeding it to another chicken. It has reached a staggering 140 million views.

Phindile Gwala is a well-known SA celebrity. Her sister’s actions in the video have sparked a mix of reactions. Some find the video amusing and entertaining. Others are shocked and disturbed by the act.The video quickly spread across social media platforms.

SA celebrity Phindile Gwala

It became a trending topic in South Africa and beyond. Many people are discussing the implications of such behavior. Animal rights activists are particularly vocal, condemning the act as cruel and inhumane.

Phindile Gwala has not yet commented on the incident. The SA celebrity is known for her roles in popular television shows.

Her sister’s actions have now put her in the spotlight for an unexpected reason.This viral video highlights the power of social media. It shows how quickly content can spread and spark debates.

The incident has left many questioning the limits of online behavior and the responsibilities of public figures and their families.

watch video here

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