Lwandlunkulu Is Pregnant, Now Expecting a Babby With A Married Man ?

Lwah Ndlunkulu’s Manager Denies Pregnancy Rumors, Addresses Body-Shaming
Lwah Ndlunkulu’s manager, Will Dlamini, has come forward to address recent rumors surrounding the award-winning South African singer. In a statement, Dlamini denied claims that Lwah is pregnant with a married man’s child, emphasizing that she is unbothered by the false allegations and is focusing on her career.
In addition to dismissing the pregnancy rumors, Dlamini also spoke out against body-shaming, which has been a topic of discussion in relation to Lwah’s appearance. He stated that celebrities often face pressure to maintain a perfect image, but Lwah is embracing her body and authenticity.
Despite the recent controversy, Lwah Ndlunkulu’s career continues to thrive. The singer has been busy with bookings and is set to release a new single in the coming months. Fans can expect more great music and performances from the talented artist as she moves forward, undeterred by the false claims and negativity.

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