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Laughing Or Crying? Nandipha’s Acting Antics goes Viral

nandipha magudumana, thabo bester

Nandipha Magudumana is accused of ‘acting’ alongside her accused Thabo Bester in the Free State High Court on Wednesday, 5 June. Images via YouTube screenshot: SABC News

Laughing or crying? Nandipha’s ‘acting’ antics go viral

Best supporting actress? Nandipha Magudumana has been praised for her ‘acting skills’ in the courtroom alongside accused, Thabo Bester.

Thabo Bester, his co-accused Nandipha Magudumana is accused of pulling out all the theatrics in their latest court appearance on Wednesday, 5 June.

The celebrity aesthetics doctor appeared alongside her alleged romantic partner Bester and seven others in the Free State High Court. They are facing charges of assisting Bester’s prison escape, fraud, corruption and violating multiple bodies.

The accused will make their next appearance again on 24 July.


In court, Nandipha Magudumana was the centre of attention during her co-accused’s outburst about being “unfairly treated” while incarcerated.

In clips circulating on social media, the mother of two is seen laughing, crying, and closing her eyes during court proceedings.

On social media, many hailed the 34-year-old for her “acting skills.”

@GustavoNinela: “Nandipha is trying so hard to cry, but the tears are not coming out. South Africa is a movie.”


@dinykay: “Dr Nandipha feeling very emotional when her “forever yena” is pouring out his heart to the court.”


@Sedeaux_S: “And the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in a Criminal Role goes to….. Nandipha Magudumana. Her tears didn’t even want to be involved in this circus.


Since her arrest last year, Nandipha Magudumana has been accused of playing the “sympathy card” with the public.

This includes court appearances in which she portrayed herself as reading the Bible, praying, and even singing gospel songs while in the dock.


In one appearance last August, the medical professional appeared in tears when her attorney claimed that Thabo Bester had “forced” her to skip the country with her.

She’s also given the impression that she is a respectable mother and married woman. The glamorous aesthetician has repeatedly worn her flashy diamond wedding ring during appearances.


Shortly after Nandipha’s arrest in Tanzania alongside Thabo Bester last year, a WhatsApp voice note from the latter went viral.

nandipha magudumana, thabo bester, bible, court

Nandipha Magudumana was seen reading a Bible during her recent court appearance. Images via YouTube screenshot: SABC News

In the audio clip is what appears to be Bester verbally abusing and threatening to “kill” his partner in crime.

Another shocking revelation emerged just a few days later when Sunday World reported that Bester allegedly assaulted Nandipha at her birthday party in 2022. According to two guests, Bester slapped Nandipha before her family and friends.

In a letter written during Women’s Month, Nandipha also claimed that she was abused by many men in her life, possibly including Bester.


Meanwhile, Thabo Bester has defended Nandipha Magudumana and his co-accused, whom he insists are “innocent.”

During his address to presiding judge Cagney Musi, he said: “It’s unfair for these people who are sitting here to be in court.

“When I know very well that they have nothing to do with this. They were not present in any of these issues.”

He added: “It tears me apart to see these people in this court. Knowing very well that they suffered for something they know nothing about

“Release these people…they know nothing”.


In the Showmax documentary Tracking Thabo Bester, Nandipha Magudumana is accused of playing a significant role alongside in the criminal spree.


The series – which aired in March – explores how the high-profile doctor helped Bester fake his own death in 2022 by claiming multiple dead bodies, pretending to be his customary wife, and harbouring him in her Hyde Park home. After being publicly linked to Bester, Nandipha then fled the country with him to Tanzania, where they were arrested last year.

With the help of Bester, she is also accused of running fraudulent businesses and events and duping multiple people, including medical colleague Dr Pashy.


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