‘Army and police will join Zimbabweans to remove Mnangagwa’

Zim army joins people
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South African based academic Dinizulu Macaphulana  (real name Dr. William Mpofu) has warned President Emmerson Mnangagwa that Zimbabweans will join hands with the country’s security forces to remove him from power, like what happened with Ben Ali and Muammar Gaddafi.

Macaphulana said Mnangagwa’s wealth will fail to sustain him when that time comes.

Read his warning below:

One of these days Mnangagwa will miss Zimbabweans dearly. He will wish to talk to them but it will be too late. The man is sure that Zimbabweans fear guns and torture so they will submit to all forms of rape and robbery. What he is doing is not new. Far much more intelligent and powerful tyrants than he have done it and it has ended one way.

Ben Ali of Tunisia was a monstrous thinker and soldier. He urinated on Tunisia with impunity. One incident turned the fearful people of Tunisia into warriors and Ali’s trusted Generals and killers joined the people.

Muammar Gaddafi was a warrior. He looted Libya and killed many. But he was a genius. He developed the country and pushed a great welfare state that was spectacular. Still one day the people rose. He openly blamed Alqaeda and CIA for drugging his loyal and fearful Libyans to rise against him. He died kicking and screaming in the streets.

His Generals and torturers joined the people. Albashir of North Sudan is in a stinking cell. He was an arrogant warrior and schemer. Mnangagwa is neither a great warrior or a genius.

He is just a greedy black marketeer and a retired assassin in the employ of the evil genius Robert Mugabe. He is looting Zimbabwe and killing with impunity.

This man will wonder what Zimbabweans have eaten. Trusted Generals; police and soldiers will join Zimbabweans. It has never ended well for those that rule and kill with impunity. The ill-gotten family billions and guns will not protect the unwise man. The billionaire looters that include sons and friends will evaporate and the world will for once be a very small and unsafe place.

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