Armed Robbers Flee With $900 000 After Raiding Kambucha Factory In Daring Robbery

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In the early hours of Wednesday morning, six armed robbers raided the Kambucha energy drink manufacturing plant in Harare’s Graniteside industrial area. They blasted a safe and stole approximately $900,000 before making their escape. Police are currently investigating the daring robbery at the Kambucha factory located at 17001 Sande Crescent.

Police Confirm Robbery

Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, the National police spokesman, confirmed the robbery but stated that the authorities are yet to determine how the robbery occurred as well as the exact amount of money that was stolen. Meanwhile, sources at the company estimate that the robbers got away with around US$900,000 in cash.

Explosives Used to Blow Up Safe

According to the online publication Zimlive, the six robbers overpowered security guards on duty before entering the premises. They then used explosives to blow up the safe where the money was kept. An employee at the company alleged that the amount stolen was close to a million dollars.

However, the source went on to allege that the Kambucha management plans to report a lower amount to the law enforcement authorities in order to avoid increased scrutiny and attention from the police.

Armed Robbers Flee With US$900 000 After Raiding Kambucha Factory In Daring Robbery


About Kambucha Energy Drink

Kambucha is an energy drink that is said to have immune system-boosting qualities. It is a popular beverage in Zimbabwe and is exported to other countries in Africa. The manufacturing plant in Harare is a significant source of employment in the country.


The robbery at the Kambucha manufacturing plant is a reminder of the importance of adequate security measures, especially for companies dealing with large sums of cash. It is also a warning to other businesses to review their security protocols and to take necessary measures to protect their assets. The investigation into the robbery is ongoing, and more information is expected to emerge in the coming days.



In a statement released by the police after the robbery was reported on, the authorities said the amount stolen was only just US$3 700.

The police said,

“The ZRP confirms that investigations are being conducted in connection with an alleged Armed Robbery incident which occurred at Kambucha Holdings, Harare at 0135 hrs today where USD3 702.00 was stolen.

8 suspects who were armed attacked a security guard, took his firearm and held hostage 8 workers before ransacking the Administration block and forced open a safe. More details will be availed as investigations continue.”

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